We Go Again offers various services, each with the aim to inspire hope in others. All services are based on a peer to peer support model, and built based upon lived experiences.




 Group Sessions

Monthly peer group sessions are coming soon.
Public Motivational / Inspirational Events
Luke Scott, Founder of We Go Again, is available to attend public events, sharing insights into his journey, discussing the low points in his life and also sharing elements of his on-going recovery. This is a story that will inspire hope in all that hear it. During these speaking events, Luke explains how he created the 'We Go Again' mindset and how you too can achieve almost anything using a similar technique. 


For more information or to discuss anything further, please use our contact page.



All one-to-one support sessions are private and confidential. Anything disclosed within these sessions are not discussed outside of the session. Unless it is felt that there is a risk of harm to the individual(s) in the session or any other person(s), in which case we have a duty of care to contact the relevant authorities.